Nashville Rollergirls

Saturday, October 20

Nashville Rollergirls is excited to welcome Stefanie Mainey to Nashville for a very special four-hour Bootcamp.

Stefanie Mainey has been skating derby for 12 years: 10 years with London Rollergirls and 2 years with Bay Area Derby. Stefanie has also represented England as a skater at every Roller Derby world cup to which most people are indifferent. Even though Stef is one of the best blockers in the world, she is only mildly entitled, and she currently holds the world record for the most times "Excuse Me" has been said during a jam whilst jamming. (Being polite is important). Pretty sure she has like 4 or 5 medals, but she only counts the three gold ones. She will teach you excellent form and footwork, and has the ability to break down a skill to its most basic mechanics which facilitates learning and retention. She is looking forward to coaching you all..